Visualizing and sonifying nearby satellites
Reusable components for quickly scaffolding and scaling
Building a retail experience for the National Retail Federation's annual show
Visualizing the SIPRI arms transfers database
Designing an interactive walkthrough for predictive aircraft maintenance.
Physical interactions for a gigantic dataset
Interactive Experiences for 35,000 Attendees
Complete redevelopment for a community development non-profit
Web gallery built with insecure webcams
Redesign and redevelopment for Rebeca Mendez Studio
Nike x NYFW release guide and map campaign
Homepage and onboarding redevelopment
Prototype for an upcoming election information website
Tracking hackers
Master's Thesis research into blackboxed technology and future interfaces for connected landscapes
Afrofuturistic creative tech for anthropologists and ethnographers
Designed simulations for city-wide small-scale biofuel production
Research into data theft in connected environments
Intel-sponsored hackathon focused on wearable devices for adverse conditions
Research into bacterial metaphors for computing
Research into culinary encryption
Experimenting with Tangible Interaction with Money