Familiar with many parts of the tech stack, from building static sites to full APIs, proof of concept ML models or working with mechanical hardware. Some ideas call for buttons and motors, others need computer vision, and sometimes you want to control motors with computer vision. Whatever we need to tell the story, we'll make -- but we specialize in all the bits that bring the digital world to life.

Software Development

Whether working on an application or managing servers and infrastructure, we are comfortable shipping products to users on scalable and secure platforms. Investing in architecture planning up front, we can save costs and shave developmeent time. Making things easier to manage helps everybody.

Creative Technology

Interactive storytelling in physical space so that users can feel your story. By bringing narratives to life in engaging ways that span software and hardware, activations and installations become more immersive and provide a larger platform for messaging or product launches.


Back End Development
  • Javascript web frameworks
  • Python web and applications frameworks
  • Legacy PHP applications
  • API Development
  • JS/Python parsers
  • Bash Scripting
  • Web Servers
  • System Administration
Front End Development
  • HTML + Templating Engines
  • CSS, SASS, PostCSS
  • Vanilla JS, jquery
  • AJAX + API consumption
  • data viz, d3js, processing
  • Strategy + Concept Development
  • Wireframes
  • Lo-Fi UI mockups
  • Information Architecture
  • System Design
  • Marketing Emails
  • Typography for Screens
User Experience
  • Personas + Goals
  • Flows
  • Testing